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Mokang Cultural Goods is a diversified production and processing enterprise that integrates design, production, and sales of professional production and cultural supplies. OEM, ODM, and OBM processing enterprises that are integrated into production and processing and supporting services are developed in a leapfrog posture. The company mainly produces office supplies, student supplies, literary and cultural creatives, DIY design, painting supplies, sporting supplies and other cultural supplies. The company takes continuous development and development of new cultural supplies as its responsibility to create cultural products that are more practical, better and more suitable for consumers. The company's products also take into account the needs of domestic and foreign trade. It is a cultural supplies enterprise that produces and sells domestic and foreign trade. Its main products have been exported to Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other places. Over the years, the advantages of Tingya Culture, with their technological innovation, excellent quality and professional services, have been leading in the same industry, and have a number of practical new patents in appearance.